About my Book Each Morning

Each Morning

Steven Wilson

In September of 2008 I self-published a book of poetry which accompanied a show I held for family and friends. The book was dedicated to my father and my sister, and many of the poems were based on art or were the inspiration for the art. I only printed a very small number, and gave some away at the show. The book had a total of 126 pages. The entire endeavor was a form of therapy.

I believe that poetry and art are united. I believe music is separate from either one, and almost feels trapped when next to the others. I have no reason to believe this other than the way I feel.
The poetry in the book mainly surrounds my thought on surrealism, non-spelling, existential communication modes, un-spelling, and language games. My influence for surrealism is based on the automatic writing found in Freud and Breton, but also the art work of Salvador Dali.

Although Bob Thompson is my favorite painter, Dali has one of the most exciting paintings I have ever seen. I actually have a copy hanging in my bedroom. The title is “The disintegration of the persistence of memory”, and it might be the only reason to sustain the entire field of psychology. I have studied many of his works and the impact of surrealism has remained.

I do not think it has anything to do with the artwork itself, rather something about the symbolism of the unconscious mind. I always believed surrealism was the equivalent of ink blots and fuzzy logic combined in symbolism. It allowed the viewer to act on it at their own peril.  A sequence that offers comfort in confusion.

I believe “Leaves of Grass” is a masterpiece not just of America but in all of literature.  It strikes at the experiment of America and the idea is was to become.  My own work, both art and poetry, is a response to it. I know I am not like Whitman, but I have always admired his courage. I would never compare myself to him.  I love his verse, but I love what he stood for even more. 

As a writer I dive into poetry, short story, novella, and novels.  I enjoy genres of fantasy and mystery.  General non-fiction is the standard.  I have written papers for the social sciences but never a book.  I consider Walt Whitman, Ray Bradbury, and Tony Hillerman to be my foundation.

One must be grateful and acknowledge the path taken.  If it wasn't for Whitman, I doubt I would've had the courage to revisit my own art passions and labor on.  I know poetry is not for everyone, but those that enjoy, we are a different breed.
The Sound of Sand