Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Boone County Art Show in Columbia

 Dear Artist and Art lovers,

The 57th annual Boone County Art Show will be returning to the ground floor of Central Bank of Boone County on October 15th and 16th.

For artists wanting to submit a work for the show, here's the link to the entry form. Entry forms can be emailed, mailed, or handed in, but must be at CAL by 5pm on Saturday October 1st. You can either print the form out and complete it by hand, or fill it out digitally and email it back to

If you're new to the party and not sure what to expect - expect an incredible collection of around 180 artworks. And expect to want to buy at least one!

For those of you who know it well, remember how the work you wanted last time was already sold by the time you got there? Avoid the red dot sadness, and come early!

Or, even better, support CAL and come along to the Sneak Peek fundraiser the night before, on Friday 14th from 8-10pm. Tickets cost $25 per person and include wine, a dessert table, live music, a chance to get your red dot on an artwork early!
Be there!!

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